Group of diverse elementary students sitting together. Text below the photo reads 5 Benefits of School Identity Work

5 Benefits of School Identity Work

During a Portico Crowdsource on October 20, 2022, Santiam Canyon Superintendent, Todd Miller, shared some insights about the importance of school identity work. Here are five more (perhaps not-so-obvious) benefits your school community can enjoy by building a strong school culture from a shared identity.

The words "pride, passion, promise" appear painted onto a rural 2-lane highway lines with evergreen trees

Passion, Pride, Promise

Tucked away in the hills of rural western Oregon, the Vernonia and Gaston school districts defy many of the stereotypes most of us hold when we think of rural schools. Their communities face both common and unique challenges. Vernonia Elementary Principal, Michelle Eagleson, and Gaston Superintendent, Summer Catino, share how their small schools and communities achieve greatness.

Jay Breslow

Student Voice in School Reform

In 2013, the school board in Philadelphia announced a plan to close 37 schools. The Philadelphia Student Union, an organized group of students that runs campaigns at the local, state, and national levels, showed up to the school board meeting dressed as zombies. They performed a choreographed routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and collapsed at the end. One of the participating students, Benjamin Franklin High sophomore Hausim Talbot, told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “We represent the students affected by the closing plan. Our hopes would be dead.”