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Collaborative Research to Advance Education

Edulytix at Inflexion provides education research, program evaluations, and strategic planning and analytic support to discover the conditions necessary to improve student outcomes. We partner with school and district leaders, grant makers, and other education organizations to discover and verify the policies, practices, structures, and programs that drive success.

Edulytix identifies the drivers of student readiness and school success, providing clear direction on best and promising practices. Our broad analytical skillset, inclusive data collection, and rigorous methods result in meaningful findings and practical recommendations, delivered in language educators understand.

Edulytix clarifies the effectiveness of programs by providing collaborative education program evaluations that meet client needs and funders’ requirements. Our program evaluation methods are inclusive, ensuring our conclusions and recommendations are developed from listening to many voices. Our approach celebrates successes, builds clients’ evaluation skills, and guides continuous program improvement.

Edulytix unifies education partners around a common purpose by developing feasible strategic, instructional, and tactical plans that consider root causes of challenges. We scan for factors that will affect plan success, devise benchmarks and metrics to measure progress and outcomes, and build the planning capacity of education leaders and teachers along the way. Resulting plans involve full school communities, fit the context, and make students feel engaged in their own learning.

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