Preparing all students for life after high school is not easy. We're here to help.

Inflexion is a nonprofit consulting group that helps educators better prepare students for life.

We give districts and schools a new way to look at themselves—with all their complexity and culture—to find ways to create a learning community with the best systems and supports to ensure all students graduate ready for college, career, and life.

Today’s schools need to prepare students for life, not just tests. At Inflexion, our mission is to help educators better equip students for success—defined by students’ engagement, adaptability, and what they can do with their knowledge, rather than just content mastery and testing. Inflexion partners with districts and schools to help them create learning communities with the right systems and supports, so that all students graduate truly ready for college, career, and life.

We know what works to change schools for the better. Our approach is grounded in more than a decade of experience researching school effectiveness and student readiness. Our unique approach to school change supports schoolwide implementation and establishes the necessary conditions for school transformation. It is producing remarkable, multi-year results for districts we’ve partnered with, including districts that serve socioeconomically disadvantaged and historically underserved populations.

Secondary school change is what we know, what we research, what we are passionate about, and what we do. Every day, we focus on a future where education works for ALL students. We want to be your district’s creative catalyst, inspiring and equipping you to create this future—and helping link your schools with others doing the same.

Read on to learn about What We Do, some of our Recent Work, the Inflexion Approach, or How Inflexion Partners with Schools.

See examples and updates about some of our recent work:

A person in a black fluffy coat with brown hair in a ponytail is looking through coin-operated binoculars across a body of water at a city skyline. Over the city the word

Two Anchors for School Change Efforts: Identity and Vision for Readiness

We recently invited a videographer to follow Inflexion staff and interested educators as we toured a few schools with whom we’ve been working. The short video below summarizes some of what he saw and heard during those visits.