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Inflexion is a nonprofit consulting group that helps school leaders transform schools for the better.

Schools today must deliver more than content mastery and test-taking skills. They need fresh focus on student competencies like adaptability, critical thinking, and ownership of learning. They must adapt to better serve those who have been held back from opportunity.

Inflexion guides educational leaders through this sea change. We’re former educators and administrators, researchers, and organizational management experts working to transform schools for the better. We partner with school leaders to create learning communities that produce students ready for college, career, and life.

Leader development and strategy for K-12 schools.

Inflexion equips principals and district administrators with the professional tools, knowledge and community they need to lead. We help create the conditions necessary for school improvement:

  • A sense of shared purpose and school identity
  • A common vision of student readiness
  • Commitment to equity in education

Once these are in place, we work with school leaders to discover and activate coherent structures and systems of support—and leave outdated practices behind.

We’re focused on a future where public education works for ALL students. We can be your district’s creative catalyst, inspiring and preparing you to create this future—and linking your schools with others doing the same.

Our partners:

Texas Education Agency
College Board
International Baccalaureate
Orange County Department of Education
Merced Union High School District