Inflexion partners with districts and schools who are dissatisfied with the status quo and motivated to find what really works in classrooms and across campuses. We share ideas and best practices from our own experiences as educators, administrators, researchers, designers, and facilitators. We strive higher, aiming to reinject some idealism and optimism back into education. Reminding ourselves and each other of education’s true power: to open doors; to ignite curiosity; to be catalysts for lifelong learning. To redefine readiness and equip and empower every student to pursue their passion, interests, and aspirations.

Principal Researcher

Paul Beach

Research Associate

Robert Bick

Junior System Administrator

Partnership Consultant

Associate Director

Tracy Bousselot

Research Associate

Web Developer

System Administrator

Kristine Chadwick

Director of Planning, Research, and Evaluation

Matt Coleman

Executive Director

Randall Evans

Technical Support Representative

Kelli Fortier

Tech Support Representative/ Fiscal Assistant

Tech Support Center Lead

Greg Hughes

Database Analyst

Duane Jones

Senior Web Developer

Roberta Kellis

Office Manager

Business and Communications Manager

Michelle Liebhardt

Partnership Consultant

Content Manager

Natalie Miller

Consultant Manager

Senior Web Developer

Tris OShaugnessy

Assistant Director

Brandi Kujala-Peterson

Director of School Partnerships

Rachel Phillips

Partnership Consultant/ Executive Program Coordinator

Senior Fiscal Administrator

Curt Sell

Partnership Consultant

John Sharp

Assistant Director/ Business Technology Manager

Tech Support Representative

Senior Database Analyst

Jandee Todd

Project Coordinator

Jeanne Wolfe

Director of Fiscal and Business Services