Portico Facilitator/ Execution Manager

Since joining Inflexion in 2006, Michelle has worked on a wide variety of research and development projects connected to our goal of helping schools prepare students to become lifelong learners and successfully transition into college and career. Currently, she works with our Portico team to take the tools, research, and resources we’ve developed and make those more accessible to schools, educators, and students.

Michelle brings a unique perspective to education because she personally had a nontraditional educational experience. Michelle was homeschooled, and her primary learning environment was a children’s museum where she had the opportunity to develop a deep love of learning and engage in hands-on learning through play.

She has shared her love of learning with students both through volunteer work and teaching at an elementary school. In her current work she strives to help educators and schools find ways to systematically engage students through authentic experiences that replicate the joyful learning environment that she experienced. Michelle believes that all students should have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and let their curiosity guide their experiences.