John Sharp

Director of Business Technology, AP Course Audit

John Sharp is the Director and Business Technology Manager for the AP Course Audit (APCA), a project he has worked on since joining Inflexion in 2006. In that time he has helped grow the online APCA system by identifying opportunities to support AP educators and working to incorporate them into the project. John brings institutional knowledge and experience to the yearly process of authorizing AP syllabi, which combines Inflexion’s contracted content experts with an intuitive online software system to protect the integrity of the AP brand for our partner, the College Board

He oversees the Business Technology (BT) team in the maintenance of APCA’s databases, which house data from over a decade of activity, including syllabus review data related to the more than 1.25 million authorized AP Courses the system has processed. John and the BT Team have evolved APCA’s software to meet the diverse needs of a worldwide userbase consisting of over 350,000 participating AP educators. He frequently collaborates with the College Board on ways to improve the online experience for these educators and to provide them with the support they need to deliver quality AP curricula to millions of students each year.

John has experience in software development project management, database architecture, data reporting, quality assurance testing, and personnel management. Beyond APCA, he contributes to business development and project planning initiatives across Inflexion. He earned his BA in Philosophy from the University of Northern Iowa.