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38 AP subjects. Hundreds of thousands of AP teachers. Millions of students.
Quality assurance from the team at Inflexion.

Every year, Inflexion facilitates the evaluation and authorization of all AP courses for the College Board. From Des Moines to Dubai, schools that indicate “AP” on student transcripts must receive permission from the College Board for each course via Inflexion’s AP Course Audit online system. In its 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation, the College Board says, “The collaboration between college faculty and AP teachers lies at the core of AP, ensuring rigor, relevance, and fairness. These groups work together to develop, deliver, and evaluate AP.” Inflexion is the QC behind AP courses. All authorized AP courses are listed in the AP Course Ledger.

AP Course Audit Technology and Process

Inflexion designed both the review methodology and the online software through which teachers submit their course materials for review by college faculty. Since 2007, Inflexion has facilitated the review of course materials for more than 3 million AP courses in over 30,000 schools worldwide.

Inflexion provides direct support to thousands of AP educators every year through phone and email contacts. Our Technical Support Representatives use custom built software to assist with a wide variety of technical questions and provide information about College Board’s programs. We connect the AP community to the right information and opportunities.

The Impact of Quality AP Courses

“Even more compelling than the rigorous process of developing AP is the effect of AP on the lives of the students who pursue AP programs. Studies—and the testimony of students—demonstrate the vital role Advanced Placement plays in students developing a clear understanding of college-level academic expectations and a lasting passion for and engagement with academic disciplines in which they often eventually major.”

From a Statement from College Faculty Involved in AP

The Future

Over many years of collaboration between Inflexion and College Board, the work has gravitated towards using the software platform to better connect AP community members to quality resources and to each other.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Inflexion has built online systems that help College Board pivot to virtual events and maintain continuity in their AP Professional Learning engagements. Both organizations are exploring the long-term opportunities and benefits of providing these virtual events as permanent options.