Curt Sell

Senior Graphic Designer/ Portico Consultant

Curt has served as Inflexion’s Graphic Designer since 2015, primarily working with the School Partnerships team. Before joining Inflexion, he worked for 25 years in graphic design, 15 of those as a freelancer. In addition to a wide variety of design projects and campaigns, he has extensive experience in helping schools define identity, refresh branding, and engage with community. He has a natural connection with public schools after serving as an assistant high school basketball and football coach for 15 years and a “college and career” assistant during that time. His wife, Leslie, is a veteran elementary school teacher.”

Favorite hobbies: Camping, kayaking, photography, and the occasional dubsmash
Favorite camping/kayaking destination: Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons
Family: Married to Leslie since 1984; two daughters and their husbands