Redesigning America's Community Colleges

Do Students Have Too Many Choices?

In an October 1st, 2015, Washington Post blog about choices, Jay Matthews talks about the community college as a popular starting point for college entrants. However, the numbers that follow are alarming. For every 100 new students at community colleges, only 16 will have earned an associate degree or certificate after three years. After six years, just…


Personalized PBL: Student-Designed Learning (Edutopia)

Andrew Miller of Edutopia writes about the importance of engagement on student leaning and “moving past ‘course-based’ PBL”: “Due to the antiquated restraints of the education system, most educators are forced to implement PBL in a “course-based” manner. This means that the project occurs within the traditional discipline structures, where there may be integration, but learning is framed within grades and competencies”.

Kids Teaching Kids

The article outlines an instructional practice occurring in Newark Public School district, wherein middle school students, under the instruction of teachers and National Urban Alliance mentors, guide the rest of their class through a lesson, assuming the role of primary instructor.