The words "pride, passion, promise" appear painted onto a rural 2-lane highway lines with evergreen trees

Passion, Pride, Promise

Tucked away in the hills of rural western Oregon, the Vernonia and Gaston school districts defy many of the stereotypes most of us hold when we think of rural schools. Their communities face both common and unique challenges. Vernonia Elementary Principal, Michelle Eagleson, and Gaston Superintendent, Summer Catino, share how their small schools and communities achieve greatness.

Introducing Portico, the Inflexion Approach Online

We’re pleased to announce Portico, a suite of five leadership development services that brings the Inflexion Approach online. Portico provides schools the flexibility to continue making progress on equity, school improvement, and leader professional development however school happens—hybrid, remote, or in person. Portico includes training modules, a peer community, coaching and tools, all built with equity at the core.

6 Tips To Manage Schools Through A Disaster

School administrators are coping with fires, storms, and floods on top of the deep disruption from COVID-19. Here are advice and resources from educators Tim Taylor (Executive Director, SSDA), Casey Taylor (Executive Director, Achieve Center), and Mike Walsh (Director at-Large, CCBE) on how to manage a school community following a disaster based on their experience from the 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, CA.

Making This the Moment Schools Transform for the Better

This is a pivotal time for public education. There’s a new lens on the issue of equity in schools, like who has access to distance learning. There’s fresh recognition that students must own their own learning to be college- and career-ready. We’re seeing that having a clear school identity and shared values helps school communities come together when it really matters, like now.