Making This the Moment Schools Transform for the Better

This is a pivotal time for public education. There’s a new lens on the issue of equity in schools, like who has access to distance learning. There’s fresh recognition that students must own their own learning to be college- and career-ready. We’re seeing that having a clear school identity and shared values helps school communities come together when it really matters, like now.

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Four Tools for Real World Readiness

Walking off the stage at my high school graduation, I remember thinking that the transition into my “next chapter” would consist entirely of the extended weekend of freshman orientation at Linfield College, moving all of my stuff into my dorm room, meeting my new roommates, and attending my first day of classes. Period.

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When Education Gets Hard

Education is hard. So, whatever role you find yourself filling in the vast world of education, we hear you when you say it’s hard. We do what we do because we know none of us can do it alone, and we believe, like you, that there are few things more important than preparing our students for the future.