Charlie Rose: Alan Mulally

Charlie Rose interviews Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford. Mulally shares how changing the culture of Ford helped to turn around the company. Questions Is there a culture of blame in your school? Do people feel comfortable sharing challenges and failures to learn from others, or do they fear they will be blamed? What barriers…

Leaving Nothing to Chance

Karin Chenoweth tackles issues surrounding disadvantaged students and elevates them from the classroom level to the school level. Based on research in nearly two dozen high performance, high poverty schools, Chenoweth constructs a model of how schools can reach disadvantaged students. She shares these insights: It’s everyone’s job to run the school Inspect what you…

Even Geniuses Work Hard

Stanford professor Carol S. Dweck discusses how teachers can promote growth-mindsets in their classrooms, leading to higher confidence among students. She emphasizes that teachers must first create a culture of risk-taking, where it is the process, and not the outcome, that is the most important part of mastering a new concept. To do this, teachers…

Changing the Odds for Student Success: What Matters Most

Education research and development non-profit Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning suggest taking these steps to improve the chances of life success for all children:

  • Guarantee challenging, engaging, and intentional instruction
  • Ensure curricular pathways to success
  • Provide whole-child student supports
  • Create high-performance school cultures
  • Develop data-driven, high-reliability district systems

Author: B. Goodwin