Hands-On Science Teaching in Missouri

Program evaluation is always interesting, some days more than others! Right now I’m in Columbia, MO, for the National Science Foundation-funded Quality Elementary Science Teaching (QuEST) Summer Institute 2015. My colleague, Tracy Bousselot, and I are in our second year in attendance at this hands-on gathering of Missouri elementary teachers working to enhance their understanding…

ODE Career and Technical Education Professional Development and Formative Performance Assessments Final Report

In the winter and spring of 2012-2013 the Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) partnered with representatives from the Office of Secondary/Postsecondary Transitions at Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Oregon Department of Community Colleges Workforce Development (CCWD) to guide secondary and postsecondary instructors in the development and implementation of formative performance assessments. The instructors…

High Expectations for All

Robert J. Marzano quickly and succinctly addresses the differentiated treatment that stems from inherent biases and suggests ways that teachers can overcome them. He outlines a four step procedure: Identify students for whom you have low expectations. Identify similarities in students. Identify differential treatment of low-expectancy students. Treat low-expectancy and high-expectancy students the same. Author: Robert…

What Great Teachers Do Differently

Educator, author, and consultant Todd Whitaker discusses the difference between great teachers and poor teachers, including responsibility and prevention.

How does the theoretical frameworks of great and poor teachers differ?
Can poor teachers become great teachers? Why or why not? How?

Eyes on Education

USA Anthem in NBA

When a young woman forgets the words to the national anthem, a man steps in to help her finish the song and the crowd also chimes in. Questions Have you seen videos of other botched anthems? The reactions tend to be much worse. Why did this become an inspirational film while others are laughed at?…