Essential Skills and Dispositions: Developmental Frameworks for Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Self-Direction

This set of developmental frameworks was created to facilitate discussion within communities of practice and to enhance a shared understanding of the dynamic nature of four essential skills—collaboration, communication, creativity, and self-direction in learning. The frameworks define components inherent to each skill and describe performance across a beginner to emerging expert progression, informed by research on the development of expertise. Unlike discipline-specific learning progressions and rubrics, the developmental progressions reflect components essential to the skill itself and describe growth dependent on many years of active exploration, experimentation, setbacks, and reflection.

Making Dumb Groups Smarter

Authors Cass R. Sunstein and Reid Hastie describe common ways groups go astray and offer suggestions to avoid or address them. They argue that these four problems are most commonly to blame for poor or self-destructive decisions: Groups do not merely fail to correct the errors of their members; they amplify them. They fall victim…

Tyler DeWitt: Hey Science Teachers-Make it Fun

A science teacher explains how student feedback helped him to improve his lesson plans and calls on other teachers to revolutionize the way they teach. Questions What are you passionate about? Why? How do you respond to working on things you are not passionate about? Why would students remember a story better than homework reading?…

MSH12: Andy Hargreaves en Michael Fullan

Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves present on the value of social capital and the importance of learning from others’ achievements. Questions What are some things your school can learn from others nearby? What do you do well at your school that you can share with others to help boost their performance? What does your school…

iPad Chopping Board

A grandfather uses his new iPad incorrectly.

How do you use technology in the classroom?
Are there things you use technology for that you could just as easily do without technology?
How does or can technology improve your instruction?
Is implementing new technology always innovative?
What is your school’s relationship with technology?

MSC Mobility

Sir Ken Robinson-Creative Leadership

Sir Ken Robinson discusses the roles of leadership in building creativity, innovation, and leadership in the workplace. Questions Does your school foster an environment that allows you and others blossom? Explain your answer. Is there creative leadership at your school? How does/could creative leadership affect your school? Do you feel comfortable sharing ideas in your…