handbook on family and community engagement cover

Handbook on Family and Community Engagement

This comprehensive report compiles articles covering diverse aspects and issues of community engagement, such as engaging with families from diverse backgrounds, engaging families of children with disabilities, empowering families to support homework completion and effective study habits, community engagement in rural schools, and using data in engagement practices.

MDRC Career Pathways Issue Brief

MDRC Research on Career Pathways

From the March 2016 issue brief by Richard Kazis: “As postsecondary credentials have become increasingly important to accessing higher-quality employment, a growing number of education and workforce programs are implementing “career pathways” approaches to help both youth and adults prepare for further education and better jobs. In recent years, MDRC has conducted research on a range of career pathways programs and program components. This Issue Brief describes the career pathways approach, highlighting core design elements, and profiles MDRC projects that shed light on the effectiveness of this approach and its potential to improve education and career outcomes.”