Meandering Toward Graduation: Transcript Outcomes of High School Graduates (Education Trust)

Meandering Toward Graduation: Transcript Outcomes of High School Graduates (Education Trust)

Earlier this month, the Education Trust published a new report, Meandering Toward Graduation: Transcript Outcomes of High School Graduates (available at or below). Wow, I love that descriptive verb meandering! But it certainly causes me to pause and seriously consider the implications of meandering in the lives and futures of our students. What interested…

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Making It All Add Up: National Math Summit

  This year’s Mathematics Summit was held as a two-day preconference event at the NADE Annual Conference in Anaheim in March. Once again the Summit brought together those in the “front lines” of developmental mathematics education and first credit math courses to discuss different approaches for implementing, adjusting, or redesigning mathematics courses with the methods…

Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning

John Larmer and John R. Mergendoller advocate student-driven projects. To facilitate such projects, the authors propose that every teacher make sure he or she includes the seven essential elements of project-based learning in every long-term assignment. These elements are: A need to know A driving question Student voice and choice 21st century skills Inquiry and…

Changing the Odds for Student Success: What Matters Most

Education research and development non-profit Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning suggest taking these steps to improve the chances of life success for all children:

  • Guarantee challenging, engaging, and intentional instruction
  • Ensure curricular pathways to success
  • Provide whole-child student supports
  • Create high-performance school cultures
  • Develop data-driven, high-reliability district systems

Author: B. Goodwin

EDS Commercial – IT Department (Youtube)

Two men scramble to staff their IT department.

Will this create more or less problems for these two men in the long run?
Is last minute work ever a good idea?
What structures and systems are in place at your school to address issues in a timely manner?

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Bart’s Struggles in School

Bart Simpson is sent to a remedial class after it is discovered that he never learned cursive. Questions * Why did Bart make an inappropriate noise with his arm when he couldn’t perform the task he was asked? * Who benefited by Bart going into the “Leg Up” program? * Do you see students in…