We are currently working with Valley High School in Santa Ana, California, on an awareness campaign to redefine the school culture and perceptions. Leadership, students, and the community have collaborated to create values statements, rework the branding, change the look and feel of the campus, and communicate the message through a wide variety of methods to affect the school’s primary stakeholders.

A few weeks ago when students returned to school, many of these changes were already visible on the campus. Check out these before and after photos to see the transformation.

school entry before after

The front entry to school office – redesigned to give people a sense of excitement and spirit when they walk on the campus.

building 7 before after

Valley High School’s Value Statements are prominently displayed throughout the campus. We are CONNECTED. We are LIFELONG LEARNERS. We are STRONG. WE ARE VALLEY.

hallway before after

School colors add interest and cheerfulness to the hallways.

library before after

The library – students are now welcomed to become lifelong learners.

Parent building before after

Student spaces aren’t the only ones being transformed – parents are also welcomed to a change.