tulare mountainsYesterday I presented to over 60 educators and community members in Tulare County specific to using a framework for college and career readiness. During the conversation, we discussed the need to articulate a clear definition of college and career readiness as a first step. A critical second step, often missed by both districts and schools, is to identify and use a framework for college and career readiness like Conley’s Four Keys model. In the presentation, I mapped Visalia School District’s eleven student outcomes onto the Four Keys model to help illustrate how the framework can be used to “bucket” outcomes specific to Think, Know, Act, and Go.
The use of a framework lends itself to supporting a multi-measure approach at both the student and the system (school or district) level. I highlighted the use of the framework and multiple measures when constructing student outcomes and the necessary inputs and processes assumed to achieve those outcomes. At the student level, consideration for measuring readiness across all four keys was discussed and illustrated on several slides based on the work of Dr. David Conley.
Click here for a copy of my presention: Tulare County – Measuring College and Career Readiness