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Just got back from Rogers High School in Spokane Public School District, where I had the opportunity to speak with AVID teachers from around the area and copresent on the importance of college and career readiness with Dr. Steven Gering and Melissa Pettey. Spokane Public School District’s T24 efforts to prepare all students to successfully complete some form of higher education – technical, 2-year, or 4-year – are totally in line with the work EPIC does, and it’s great to see a school district making huge strides in incorporating college and career readiness into their culture.

I appreciated Dr. Gering’s synthesis of the most recent information on the economic shifts in the country – very interesting and totally relevant in terms of building an argument for T24. It’s always inspiring to be around Melissa Pettey’s infectious energy and to see how she engages the staff from Spokane Public Schools around T24 – in this case with a live performance from rap group Level Ground. It was fun to work with the secondary teams specific to looking at their “school identity, cultures, etc.”  and it was clear that T24 is a part of every school’s vision and really resonates with folks. I am continually impressed by how the entire Spokane system has embraced T24 as a strategic vision. Thanks to Spokane PSD for your participation and engagement – I look forward to our continued work together.

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Read about how the district has developed an online dashboard, organized around EPIC’s Four Keys to College and Career Readiness and incorporating their CampusReady results, to monitor student progress toward their T24 goals.


Matt Coleman, Executive Director of the Educational Policy Improvement CenterMatt_edited