An innovative, formative assessment of students’ cognitive abilities

What is ThinkReady?

ThinkReady (formerly C-PAS, CPAS) is an innovative assessment designed to track the development of Key Cognitive Strategies (KCS), which are the thinking skills necessary for college and career readiness and success. Through extensive research over more than a decade, Dr. David T. Conley, founder of the Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC), identified the KCS necessary for success in college or a career:

  • Problem Formulation
  • Research
  • Interpretation
  • Communication
  • Precision/Accuracy

ThinkReady measures the KCS through performance tasks that teachers conduct within existing lesson plans and that align with their curricular requirements. ThinkReady guides and informs a school’s efforts to prepare students for success after high school graduation. The information generated measures student development of the KCS over time from grades 6–12 and helps all students develop important thinking skills, regardless of current academic skill level. The goal is to have an assessment system that schools, districts, and states can use to ensure that students have the thinking skills to be successful after they graduate from high school.