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Ohio’s Springfield City School District has been using CampusReady school diagnostic tool since 2011. In 2014 the district, in a coalition with three other school districts, won a Straight A grant to create the Greater Springfield CareerConnectED Center, which will collaborate with industry, workforce agencies, higher education, and leading educational consultants to improve student learning through innovative, hands-on learning and problem-based curriculum directly linked to high-demand careers.

Inflexion will continue to administer CampusReady annually, with the resultant student-level reports being used for one-to-one guidance sessions with the students. Inflexion leads the assessment development team in identifying, defining, and measuring a set of noncognitive skills considered most relevant to the CareerConnectED community stakeholders. Inflexion’s lead, Dr. Kristine Chadwick, facilitated a work session of the consortium members to group these skills into three overarching categories of learning strategies, collaboration, and work habits. Inflexion also participates on the grant evaluation team, which measures progress made toward benchmarks on progress and outcome indicators identified in the grant proposal.