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In 2014, EPIC began a collaborative partnership with the Maine Department of Education (Maine DOE) to create developmental frameworks that convey the spirit of the Maine Guiding Principles.

Phase 1

Drawing on EPIC’s prior work, the Guiding Principle framework development process was enhanced and tailored to Maine’s context. Draft frameworks for each Guiding Principle were developed in collaboration with Maine DOE.

Phase 2

EPIC facilitated a series of work sessions in Maine, engaging Maine DOE and local educators in cross-grade and cross-discipline conversations about what the Maine Guiding Principles might look like in action and ways students may already display their abilities. Drawing on knowledge of their local contexts, students, and communities, Maine educators provided insightful feedback about the frameworks, and raised needs regarding professional practice and key ways for Maine DOE to provide support. Read more about these sessions in our blog post, Charting the Waters.

EPIC used this feedback to revise the Guiding Principles frameworks and continue to collaborate with Maine DOE. The Guiding Principle frameworks is one among a variety of resources and forms of support provided by Maine DOE to help Maine educators continue their efforts to interpret the spirit of the Guiding Principles into practice.