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Inflexion Learns | January 2018 | A new year, a new name, and new goals.

It’s the time of year when many of us are making resolutions and setting goals for the coming year. For some, this process begins and ends with stating an aspiration for growth or improvement (and according to some researchers, over 80% will have broken these resolutions by the second week of February). For Inflexion this year, one of our goals is to make sure that our newsletters and other communications are timely and relevant, and actually help educators move the dial on preparing all students to be life ready.

Epic rollback INFLEXION

Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) is Now Inflexion!

The decisions made to create this change are not easy ones, but end up being the inflection points that develop environments where students can show what they can do with their knowledge, rather than just master content or do well on a test. As Inflexion, we are thrilled to continue our journey to ensure all students graduate ready for college, career, and life.

Image From "Teaching Tolerance" article

Epic Steps Issue 12 – August 2017

“It’s time to be a disruptive peacemaker. In the classroom, that means being an anti-racist educator.

As educators, we should be laying the groundwork to build trust, understand foundational information and explicitly express anti-racist values from the first day of class so all students have the skills to grapple with these contradictions.”