Creating high-quality courses through collaboration

Facilitating Collaboration and Transparency

Preparing students for success beyond high school is a tremendous task. CourseCreate and CoursePathway facilitate the collaboration in which educators must engage in order to share course content and standards coverage. Curricular partnerships and transparency are critical characteristics of a school where all students gain the skills that they need in order to succeed in college and career.


Increasing Transparency and Collaboration

CourseCreate adds continuity to course content formatting. Administrators and instructors can then efficiently review the courses within their school and collaborate on course development.

Improving Standards Coverage Quality

CourseCreate upacks the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and literacy, and mathematics, at the high school level. CourseCreate provides resources to improve instructor understanding of the Common Core State Standards while preparing teachers to be more efficient and consistent in curriculum development.

Enhancing Syllabi

CourseCreate enhances course syllabi, equipping students for success in their high school course and transition to college courses. CourseCreate includes the option to standardize course information, expectations, and policies, developing schoolwide continuity.

“The process enabled teachers to focus and scaffold curriculum and assessment around common standards and expectations; the conversations held and decisions reached by teachers were very valuable and made the process of curriculum alignment very manageable.”


Using data and curriculum developed through CourseCreate, CoursePathway depicts the standards coverage. CoursePathway can be applied to a complete course catalog or speci”c course sequences, identifying gaps and/or redundancies in curriculum standards coverage.

Measuring Standards Coverage

CoursePathway measures standards coverage using curriculum and data generated through CourseCreate. CoursePathway allows administrators and educators to assess curriculum alignment to state and national standards, set policies, and monitor curriculum development.