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Empowering educators to prepare students for success beyond high school

What is CampusReady?

CampusReady is a self-diagnostic tool that provides data, reports, recommendations, and links to resources that help schools improve college and career readiness for students. The web-based diagnostic measures the Four Keys to College and Career Readiness, as identified by Dr. David T. Conley and the Educational Policy Improvement Center. The tool collects information from students, teachers, counselors, and administrators in middle (Grades 6–8) and high schools (Grades 9–12). Each school receives reports that can be used by both the school and district leaders to understand and shape strategies for increasing college readiness.

Why Do We Need CampusReady?

Unparalleled Data

CampusReady provides information that is impossible to access with traditional measures. Educators around the nation use CampusReady data to develop students’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors that better prepare them for college and career success. The reports enable educators to make data-driven decisions by providing targeted and actionable information.

Creating a Foundation

CampusReady helps schools launch interventions to meet their college and career readiness goals. It provides a baseline from which to measure improvement, and cultivates a common understanding and vocabulary about the college-ready skills, behaviors, and techniques over which schools have meaningful control. Participants often report that simply taking CampusReady increases college and career readiness.

Actionable Information

CampusReady identifies strengths and weaknesses within the school, pinpointing areas needing improved learning outcomes. Using the data provided by CampusReady, schools can develop and expand curricula, policies, and processes that enhance college and career readiness.

Customized Resources

CampusReady supports decision making and action planning by providing resources customized to each school’s unique results. The tool also provides a searchable database of high-quality interventions to ensure that programs support college and career readiness goals. Assistance is available to aid in results, interpretation, action planning, and improvement efforts.

By the Numbers

Past participants include more than:

  • 76,000 participants
  • 192 schools
  • 20 states

Administering CampusReady is a 7-week process, including a 3-week active survey window.


CampusReady provides a variety of reports in order to equip schools to better prepare students for success beyond high school:

  • Participant Information Report: Data on participants
  • Aspirations Report: Data on students’ future plans
  • Four Keys to College and Career Readiness Report: Data on student preparedness in each of the four dimensions of the Four Keys model, including student- and teacher-identified strengths of the institution
  • Targeted Recommendations Report: Report including recommendations unique to the needs of the institution

The Four Keys to College and Career Readiness

Through extensive research and years of work in the field, David T. Conley, PhD, and researchers at EPIC have identified factors important to college and career readiness that make up the Four Keys to College and Career Readiness. EPIC’s Four Keys conceptual framework has been adopted by national organizations such as the College Board and International Baccalaureate® and by numerous states and school districts.