Students spend 85% of their school day with teachers and other support specialists engaged in learning. Ultimately our goal as an organization is to impact the instructional experiences students have every period, every day with an eye towards ensuring students furthest from opportunity receive what they need to be life ready. Our focus is on identifying, developing, and supporting instructional practices designed to ensure all students meet a holistic set of outcomes linked to life readiness.

inflexion approach: learning

Our consultants work with content experts in various fields (i.e. teaching artists, literacy experts) to integrate their work into a school’s teaching and learning goals. This work can include developing classroom resources and/or designing staff professional development and/or resources. When designing instructional practices, we work with these experts and school leadership to ensure that students are developing skills needed to be lifelong learners (with an emphasis on both metacognitive and social emotional skills and strategies).

Classroom performance tasks are a powerful tool for students and teachers and can lead to deeper student learning, increased student engagement, and more equitable systems of assessment. Our consultants work with content experts to design high-quality classroom performance tasks and have developed an online review system allowing for the review of tasks against a set of vetted quality criteria to provide feedback on task quality allowing for improvement of the task.


Learning in Action