Principal Researcher

Ross began at Inflexion in 2014 and now serves as Principal Researcher, working primarily as principal investigator for the federally funded ArtCore model development project. As former Director of Strategic Initiatives in the Norwich School District in Connecticut, Ross designed, led, and evaluated a wide range of projects focused on equitable opportunities for learners, community partnerships for creative engagement of students, and other district reform efforts. Over nearly a decade in the education field, he has led $10MM of grant-funded system design, innovation, and research work. In recognition of his work in southeastern Connecticut, Anderson was named a 2013 awardee of the top 40 community change agents under 40 years old. Ross’s current work builds from the belief that the creative engagement of educators and students alongside an empowered community holds great promise for sustained systemic improvements for equitable student outcomes. Ross’s work investigates the effects of creative teaching and learning opportunities on student growth trajectories of metacognitive and noncognitive skills, such as creativity, growth mindset, self-efficacy, and engagement in school and learning. Ross also supports innovative design and development of the next generation of assessments, instructional models, and accountability systems. From state departments of education to classroom teachers, Ross works across every level of the education system, providing research-based guidance on innovative policies and practices and investigating the effects of these efforts on meaningful outcomes of student success. Ross received a BA in Architecture from Yale University and is currently working on his PhD in the Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership at the University of Oregon.

Ross is a good source of information about:

Creativity in teaching and learning, noncognitive skill development and measurement, quantitative and qualitative research design, school change, school leadership development, and student development in middle school.

A Few Things About Ross:

Favorite pastime: Capoeira, a traditional Brazilian martial art and dance form
Favorite time to write: 5–7 am
Most memorable home: a wooden schooner built in 1936