Research Associate

Paul has worked on a variety of projects for the Planning, Research, and Evaluation team since 2012. During that time, he has served as Research Associate for multiple policy projects situated in California, including the California College and Career Readiness Indicator White Paper Series and a grant from the California Education Policy Fund. Other projects include the College Course Content Analysis (CCCA) and the Job Training Program Curriculum Study (JTPCS), which analyzed the relationship between the 12th grade National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and entry-level college course and job training program content. Paul earned BAs in Economics and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh and has an MA in Public Administration from the University of Oregon. Currently, Paul is a PhD student in the Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership at the University of Oregon.

Paul is a good source of information about:

K–12 accountability and assessment policy, noncognitive skills, curriculum alignment

Fun facts about Paul:
Favorite activities: Playing, coaching, or watching soccer; hiking; biking; travel; and sheepshead (card game)
Daily commute: 3 mile bike ride through the heart of the University of Oregon’s beautiful campus
Family: One fiance and one pup with a personality

My Work at Inflexion
Other Relevant Projects and Publications

Thier, M., Beach, P., Lench, S.L., Austin, E., & Coleman, M. (2015). More than one C: Educating Students to be Ready for Careers and College. Eugene, OR: Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC).