Reaching the Goal: The Applicability and Importance of the Common Core State Standards to College and Career Readiness

The CCSS gave states an opportunity to voluntarily adopt common expectations in English language arts and literacy, and mathematics. With common standards in place, states could more easily and efficiently share best practices in curriculum and assessments, while still retaining flexibility on how best to teach these subjects locally (Phillips & Wong, 2010). Major questions remain to be answered about these standards, chief among them the degree to which they reflect what is necessary to be ready for college and careers.

Even Geniuses Work Hard

Stanford professor Carol S. Dweck discusses how teachers can promote growth-mindsets in their classrooms, leading to higher confidence among students. She emphasizes that teachers must first create a culture of risk-taking, where it is the process, and not the outcome, that is the most important part of mastering a new concept.