South Carolina College and Career Readiness Toolkit

The South Carolina College and Career Readiness Toolkit was designed to foster conversation among leaders from school districts and higher education about what it means to be college and career ready, and to help develop action plans for new and strengthened partnerships. The Center of Excellence for College and Career Readiness (the Center) worked with the Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) to develop these materials in support of statewide comprehensive planning efforts. The toolkit has some information specific to South Carolina, but can serve as a model for all states and districts wishing to implement a comprehensive college and career readiness action plan.

Journey Toward Deeper Learning: An Evaluation of the Roadtrip Nation Experience in San Jose PLUS Academies

This report describes the background, methods, and findings of a “deep dive” evaluation of Roadtrip Nation’s (RTN) high school program, the Roadtrip Nation Experience. The primary focus of the evaluation was RTN pilot implementation in three San Jose Unified School District PLUS Academies during the 2011–2012 academic year, supported by analysis of program curriculum and…

Leadership for Equity

Authors Rhonda Barton and Rob Larson stress the importance of quality leadership in achieving educational equity. They listed these strategies leaders can use to enhance equity in the realms of curriculum interpretation, instructional practices, assessment and evaluation, and community involvement: Curriculum Interpretation Encourage staff members to talk about issues of diversity, values, and social justice.…

Changing the Odds for Student Success: What Matters Most

Education research and development non-profit Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning suggest taking these steps to improve the chances of life success for all children:

  • Guarantee challenging, engaging, and intentional instruction
  • Ensure curricular pathways to success
  • Provide whole-child student supports
  • Create high-performance school cultures
  • Develop data-driven, high-reliability district systems

Author: B. Goodwin